(VIDEO) Top 2015 Prospects: Underclassman Challenge Recap


With national signing day for the class of 2014 coming to a close the focus has already started to shift to the 2015 recruiting class for some college coaches. In December Kohl's Kicking Camps went on a national showcase tour in search of the nation's best kicking, punting and snapping talent. Outstanding athletes from the class of 2015 were invited to the coveted Underclassman Challenge held in Florida for elite training and competition. The following athletes made a statement and solidified themselves as currently the best kicking, punting and snapping prospects in the class of 2015 in the nation.

The most dominant combination specialist in the class of 2015 was without a doubt Austin Seibert from the state of Illinois. Seibert has proved himself at numerous Kohl's events and owns one of the best kickoff legs in the country. His ball-striking ability is strong and clearly stands out in the crowd and earned him the No.1 ranking as the nation's best kicker and the No.2 punter. Seibert has already drawn interest from multiple BCS schools and has an array of full-ride scholarship offers on the table.

Another kicker that clearly sets himself apart as a legit Division 1 college prospect is Justin Yoon. Yoon stands as the No.2 ranked kicker in the nation and has earned every bit of it. At previous camps Yoon has clocked out kickoffs regularly in the 4.1 to 4.3-second range. His field goals are just as impressive with a strong striking ability and long-distance accuracy to go with it. Yoon's academic success makes him the full package student-athlete.

Punter Tommy Townsend from Florida graded out as the nation's best punter. His brother is currently a starter in the SEC and he looks to follow in his footsteps and play college football at an elite level. Townsend has a great ability to turn punts over on a regular basis and hit many punts with over 5-seconds of hang time at the Underclassman Challenge.

Top class of 2015 college prospects compete in the Underclassman Challenge

Combination kicker/punter Andrew Galitz showed a solid confidence during competition to go along with his solid over-all abilities. Galitz earned the No.3 national ranking as a kicker and the No.5 national ranking as a punter. Galitz showcased his ability to excel both as a kicker and a punter and should impress D1 college coaches in the year to come.

Combo specialists Sterling Hofrichter and Daniel LaCamera both from the state of Florida showed D1 talent at the camp as well. LaCamera is a strong athlete with a great punting frame and Sterling should be able to do both at a high level as well.

Joshua Williams and Zach Mays also showed well during the event. Williams showed a pure technical ability to strike a ball on field goals and should continue to develop into a special 2015 prospect. Mays showed outstanding skills and repeatability at camp and has a good chance of rising in rankings later this year if he continues to develop the way he has.

The field goal competition at Kohl's Kicking CampsTwo other specialists that proved well at the Underclassman Challenge were kicker/punters Zach Block and Bennett Moehring. Moehring proved himself as a D1 caliber field goal and kickoff specialists. Block has a D1 kicking ability as well and may reach the same potential as a punter with some work.

A few pure punters that had outstanding performances were Corey Fatony from Tennessee and Jacob Herbers from Michigan. Fatony is a strong track athlete with tremendous leg-speed which helps him create ideal hang time. Herbers has an ideal punting frame and power that help make him a D1 level punter who should continue to develop and gain interest in the months to come.

Punter Ivy Wall from the state of Louisiana showed very well punting at camp. Wall has a tremendous ability to control his punts in certain situations and showed a great consistency and leg speed throughout camp. He will be a very talented college punter.

Long snapper Matt Keller had a great camp and put up camp scores that show he has division 1 potential. His repeatability was outstanding and he should be highly looked at at the next level of football.

6-foot 5-inch, 240-pound snapper Harrison Goebel has an outstanding frame to go along with his great snapping abilities. Goebel's frame and snapping potential should excite college coaches as he develops even more and improves upon the already great stats he put up at camp.

Patrick Eby from the state of Maryland also showed well among the snappers at camp. The 6-foot 2-inch, 210-pound snapper has an overall great speed and repeatability and showed himself well as a division 1 snapping recruit.

As of February 2014, these specialists have proven themselves to be the top kicking, punting and snapping prospects in the class of 2015. We will see many additional new talents over the spring and summer with National Spring Showcase Tour, summer training camps and our National Scholarship Camp at the end of July. Visit throughout the year to say up-to-date with any changes in rankings.