(VIDEO) Talent Recap: 2015 Western Winter Showcase


The 2015 Kohl's Western Winter Showcase held in Los Angeles brought out many of the region's top junior college and high school kickers, punters and long snappers. Many junior college athletes from the state of California showed strong potential to play at the next level of college football, as well as high school athletes looking to play at the collegiate level. The following athletes seperated themselves from the rest of the athletes in attendance.

Brandon Gracia, a junior college transfer, had an outstanding day at camp. Gracia hit a total of 10-of-10 charted field goals and finished first in the overall kickoff charting phase at the event. He showed an outstanding ability to repeat his motion, and his ball flight was pure and clean throughout the drill phase of camp.

Long Snapper Adam Bay, a 6-foot 1-inch, 205-pound athlete from the state of Arizona had an outstanding day totaling 66 points. Bay's point total was the highest of the 2015 National Winter Showcase Tour, and he stands as one of the top long snappers in the nation for the Class of 2017.

Dan Bjurman, a junior college kicker, also had a great day at the event. He won the punt competition at the end of the day, made 8-of-10 charted field goals, and finished 2nd in the kickoff charting phase during camp.

Junior college kicker Diego Marquez had another outstanding performance throughout the whole event. Marquez made 9-of-10 field goals charting, finished third in kickoff charting and had an outstanding drill session for field goals, and had a great showing during the kickoff competition.

Collin Riccitelli, a Class of 2016 prospect from teh state of California had a good showing at the Western Showcase by making 9-of-10 field goals during the charting phase and winning the field goal competition at the end of the event.

Jared Porter, another California product in the Class of 2016, also showed well while charting making 9-of-10 field goals.

Class of 2018 long snapper Slater Zellers from the state of Arizona also had an outstanding day scoring a total of 52 points during the charting phase of the event.

Tavis Guerra, another junior college transfer, won the kickoff competition, made 7-of-10 field goals, and did an outstanding job during the kickoff charting session of the camp.

Junior college punter Zachary Kozlik from the state of California had a very impressive day in the drill work phase and the charting portion of camp showing many punts over 5 seconds in hang-time.

Jacob Meeker-Hacket, a punter in the Class of 2016 from the state of Arizona also did an outstanding job by finishing second in the punt charting session of the event.

Ben Krahn, a 6-foot 6-inch punter from the state of Arizona in the Class of 2016 had a solid showing finishing third in the charting session at the beginning of camp.

Ryan McNeil, a 6-foot 2-inch, 205-pound long snapper from Massachusetts won the long snapping competition at the end of the day.

Class of 2017 long snapper Alex Maxey from the state of Arizona also had a solid day scoring a total of 48 points in the long snapping charts.