(VIDEO) Talent Recap: 2015 Western Spring Showcase


Los Angeles, CA -- This past week the Kohl's Kicking Camp staff kicked off their annual National Spring Showcase Camp Tour. They started off on the West Coast in California and saw many of the region's top kickers, punters and snappers who came out the the event and competed.

This camp featured many outstanding junior college athletes. Diego Marquez had an outstanding day making 7 out of 10 charted field goals and won the camp-wide kickoff competition. Max Kidd, from the state of Michigan, also showed extrememly well showing great distance and consistencey in the drill work phase of camp. Kidd won the showcase camp's kickoff charting session. Another junior college athlete who had an outstanding day was Jonathan Aguilar. Aguilar won the punt competition toward the end of camp.  Aidan Daily, a two-year junior college athlete also showed well in the punt charting phase of the event and won the overall charting session.

The 2016 class was well represented with Jake Kohenke winning the field goal competition and finishing second in the kickoff charting session.

Collin Riccitelli finished third in the kickoff charts and also had a solid day overall during the drill work evaluation period.

Kicker/punter Matt Blair from the state of California had a solid day finishing fourth in kickoff charting and fifth in punt charting at the showcase.

Two other kicking prospects from the 2016 class who showed well were Kyle Coale who made 9 out of 10 field goals and Tanner Dayton from the state of Utah who made 8 out of 10 field goals during charting.

Arizona athlete Griffin Roehler also made 8 out of 10 field goals at the event and showed well all-around.

Three Class of 2016 athletes who showed well during the punt portion of the event were Payton Theisler of Arizona who finished second in punt charting, Owen White from the state of Oregon who finished third and Van Soderberg from Washington who finished fourth in the punt charting phase of camp.

Rounding out the Class of 2016 kickers and punters is Andrew Nielsen. He finished fifth in kickoffs at the event during the charting phase and had an outstanding drill work session in the afternoon.

The Western Showcase Camp had many of the best snappers in the nation in attendance. Turner Bernard, a 2016 snapper from Arizona was the most outstanding snapper of camp. Bernard showed great consistency and speed on his snaps and great athletisicm in the drill work session. 

Two other snappers also represented the Class of 2016 well. Matt Kerychuk from Arizona at 6-foot 1-inches and 135 pounds finished second in charting and Brandon Pada of Arizona, a 5-foot 10-inches and 210 pound snapper who won the final camp-wide snapping competition. Both prospects showed well throughout the event.

A Class of 2018 prospect, Slater Zellers, found a way to sneak in the top three of the charting phase of camp and has an oustanding future as a long snapper.

The staff appreciates the athletes who camp to camp, competed and layed it on the line during many different competitions at the Western Showcase Camp. Keep an eye on these guys in the future as many will land at major institutions across the western part of the United States.

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