(VIDEO) Talent Recap: 2015 Texas Winter Showcase


The 2015 Texas Winter Showcase had many of the region's top kickers, punters and long snappers in attendance. In total there were twelve states represented, and many of these athletes will be highly looked at in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 classes. The stop in Dallas on the National Showcase Tour historically has showcased multiple top future college football talent who move on to be successful at the next level. The following highlighted athletes separated themselves from the field.

Jake Oldroyd, a Class of 2016 kicker from the state of Texas, had an outstanding day. He won the kickoff charting phase and made 7-of-10 field goals. Oldroyd's kickoff hang times were outstanding registering a 75-yard 4.2-second hang, a 77-yard 4.17-second hang and a 73-yard 4.1-second hang time on his charted kickoffs. His leg strength and overall athletic abilities should be noticed in the Class of 2016.

Nicolas Ramos, a 2017 kicker from the state of Florida, also had an outstanding showing finishing second in the kickoff charting phase with a score of 111.85, and charting many big kickoffs over 75 yards.

Kicker Hayden Moehring, a 2017 prospect from the state of Arkansas had a great day as well. He charted 7-of-10 in the field goal charting phase, and finished third in the kickoff charts. He also had an outstanding drill work phase at the end of camp.

Blake Mazza won the field goal competition held at the end of camp and did an outstanding job throughout the whole day. Blakes field goals during the competition were some of the more impressive kicks we've seen this winter.

Kicker Max Allan from the state of Texas had an outstanding day at camp making 8-of-10 charted field goals and winning the kickoff competition. Max's kick went over 80 yards. It was wind aided, but he showed great leg speed and overall tale