(VIDEO) Talent Recap: 2015 Southern Winter Showcase


This winter’s Southern Showcase had a record number of athletes. This camp has historically been one of our biggest stops throughout the year. The following athletes separated themselves from the large pack of athletes in attendance and should be highly looked at in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 recruiting classes.

Brent Cimaglia, a 2017 kicker/punter from Tennesee had an outstanding day. Cimaglia was one of the top punters at the event and made a perfect 10-of-10 field goals during the charting session. He also topped the kickoff charting session with a score of 110.38. Cimaglia is a 2017 player that already has an offer from and will attract a lot more attention following weeks.

Punter Bill Rubright from the state of Georgia was by far the best punter at th Southern Showcase Camp. Rubright finished the charting session with a final average distance of 49.67 yards per punt. Rubright dominated the charting phase as well as the drill evaluation session replicating his punt motion. Rubright showed to be a consistent punter who has all the right tools to get the job done at the next level.

Evan Legassey, a 2017 kicker/punter from the state of Florida also showed well at camp. He had an outstanding day punting the ball, finishing in the top 15 in camp during the charting phase and also won the kickoff competition at the end of camp. Legassey is a solid prospect who will continue to get better on his field goal technique.

The most outstanding long snapper at the event was Bill Taylor. At 6-foot 4-inches, 235 pounds, the Class of 2017 prospect showed very well in multiple phases at camp. His athleticism, his size and his snapping speed was outstanding. He had an average snap time of .64 seconds which is among some of the fastest averages we’ve seen across the country in the last couple of years. His consistency and overall technique are solid and he should be highly looked at in the 2017 class.

Jacob Smith, a 2017 kicker from Tennessee who is 6-foot 3-inches had an outstanding day making 9-of-10 field goals in the charting phase and winning the field goal competition as well. He hit a 65-yard field goal impressing the whole camp with his ability to hit long field goals consistently. With his frame, he should attract a lot of attention in the coming months.

Nigel Mcauley, a transfer kicker also had a great day finishing second in kickoffs with a score of 109.5 and did a solid job with the drill work session.

Cooper Graham. a 2017 kicker/punter from North Carolina also had a solid showing at the event making 7-of-10 charted kicks finishing third while charting kickoffs with a score of 109.08. Graham was also a very good punter who should be highly looked at in the 2017 class as a specialist.

Long Snapper Grant Glennon, a Class of 2017 prospect from the state of Florida also had a great event. at 6-foot 3-inches, 195 pounds he has the frame to add weight. His overall consistency and speed were outstanding during the charting phase at camp.

The punt champion was Class of 2017 kicker/punter Jackson McLarty from the state of Georgia. McLarty stepped up in the punting competition at the end of camp, and also during the field goal drill evaluation session in the early afternoon.

In edition to Cimaglia, there were two other athletes who went 10-of-10 on field goals. Jacob Godek, a Class of 2016 kicker from the state of Florida who had an outstanding high school football season should be highly recruited in the coming weeks before National Signing Day. Gunnar Jones, a Class of 2016 kicker from the state of Alabama also went a perfect 10-of-10 showing outstanding consistency in the charting phase of camp.

Jake McClure, a 2017 kicker/punter from the state of Tennessee had an outstanding day winning the punt charts held at the beginning of camp. On his 10 punts he averaged 46 yards of distance with an average hang time of 4.28 seconds.

Ethan Suda is a Class of 2016 punter from the state of Georgia. Suda did a great job in both phases of camp and shows tremendous potential in the coming weeks of finding a college home. His average during the punt charts was 39.89 yards, but he did average a 4.5-second hang time on his 10 punts.

The last punter to highlight during the charting session is Jordan Stout, a 2017 kicker/punter from Virginia. Stout did an outstanding job during multiple phases of camp. His punt charts landed him third place, averaging 45 yards per punt with 4.19 seconds of hang time. He is a long, lean athlete that should be able to translate to the college game in the years to come.

Jack Coco, a Class of 2017 prospect from the state of Georgia who is 6-foot 3-inches, 245 pounds showed well during the charting phase finishing with a total of 48 points in the charting phase of camp.

During the long snapping competition held at the end of camp 2018 prospect Cade Long from the state of Tennessee won the overall snap competition. Long showed the ability to focus in different situations and did an outstanding job for a younger snapper.

This camp had many outstanding performances that went unmentioned, and many of these athletes will be highly recruited in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 classes. For more information go to to take a look at the charts, rankings and athlete video from this event.


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