(VIDEO) Talent Recap: 2015 Eastern Winter Showcase


The Kohl’s National Showcase Tour kicked off with the Eastern Showcase. This past camp had the most talent the Kohl’s staff has seen in this region in the past 5 to 6 years. The following athletes were the guys who dominated the many different events against a great crop of talent from this region. We look forward to what next few months and year holds for many of these athletes.

The most impressive prospect was Charlie Kuhbander from Ohio. The Class of 2017 kicker finished first in the charting phase on kickoffs and also won the kickoff competition with a blast that was estimated at about 80 yards with over 4 seconds in hang time. Kuhbander did a great job in the field goal portion as well and is someone to watch for in the 2017 class nationally.

Another outstanding prospect was Tommy Martin, a 2017 kicker/punter combo from Virginia. His kickoffs were excellent and his punting was great as well. He finished in the top 3 in many of the camp’s different competitions. He is a strong player who should be highly looked at in the 2017 class.

Nate Snyder, a 2017 punter from Ohio, had an outstanding camp. Nate is 6-foot 4-inches, 210 pounds and possesses big-time talent and showed it during the punt chart phase and also the punt competitions. Nate is a big-time prospect who should be looked at in the months to come.

Hunter Gray, a 2017 long snapper from Ohio at 6-foot 1-inch and 209 pounds, had a solid day as well. Gray showed a lot of athleticism and won the overall long snapping competition held at the end of the event.

Two other prospects that stood out at camp are Class of 2016 prospects David Cote from Canada who made 10-of-10 field goals in the charting session. Our overall punt champion in the camp competition was Grant Tinnerman. Tinnerman also made 8-of-10 field goals and looked outstanding in the drill work phase of the event in both kicking and punting.

Keegan Markgraf, another Canadian did a great job as well. At 6-foot 3-inches, 250 pounds the big snapper finished with 44.5 points showing consistency and athleticism in multiple drills.

Another pair of older athletes that showed well were Jake Bovard, a 2016 punter from Pennsylvania who finished third in the punt charting phase of the event and had a solid showing in the drill work phase. Aaron Baum, a 2015 prospect from the state of florida won the field goal contest with a kick that hit the crossbar and bounced in from 58 yards out off the ground. Both looked great during multiple phases of the event.

Jacob Ballain from the state of Indiana had an impressive camp. He finished second overall in the kickoff charting session and made 7-of-10 field goals.

Three other athletes worth mentioning for their field goal performance were Pennsylvania athletes Austin Wilson, Garrett Patla and Hunter Daniels. All three showed well during phases of the event and charted 8-of-10 field goals on the field goal grid to start camp.

Colllin McClaine, a 5-foot 10-inch, 253 pound snapper from Pennsylvania also showed well at camp finishing with 42.5 points in the charting session and showed well in multiple drills.

The staff now heads to Atlanta, Dallas, LA and the Chicago area during the next 2-weeks to finish out the National Showcase Tour. Talent recap videos will follow those events as well.


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