(VIDEO) 2013 Western Winter Showcase Talent Recap


The Kohl's Kicking Camp Western Showcase drew in athletes from 15 different states at both the high school and junior college level.  The camp also featured some of the biggest kickoff legs on the Winter Showcase Tour this year with two athletes charting 85-yard kickoffs.

The strongest leg of the day was junior college specialist Matt Mengel. Mengel won both the competition and charting rounds of camp and charted an 85-yard kickoff with 4.21 seconds of hangtime. All of his charted kickoffs were over 75 yards in distance and all had at least 4.1 seconds in hangtime. The kicker also finished as a top punter at camp showing the leg strength play at the highest level of college football.

2014 specialist Tim Neundorf from the country of Germany showed the most impressive leg speed at camp. He showcased his fast leg with a successful day of punting and kickoffs. He also kicked off an 85-yard kickoff with over 4 seconds of hangtime.

Kicker Nathan Nellessen kicks during the field goal competition.Junior college transfer Nathan Nellessen had a successful day as well. The transfer hit 7 out of 10 field goals and placed third in the kickoff charting phase hitting all his charted kicks out of the back of the endzone. His repeatability while kicking field goals during the drill evaluation work was the best all day.

2015 kicker Chayden Johnston from the state of Utah showed the most potential. He's transitioned to kicking off the ground well over the years and showed the best field goal height in the 2015 class at the Western Showcase. He capped the field goal competition with a 60-yard kick.

Three class of 2015 specialists who also did a great job at camp were Bennett Moehring of Arkansas, Zach Mays of Nevada and Spencer Pettit from the state of Washington. Mays hit 9 out of 10 field goals while charting while Moehring and Pettit connected on 8. All three athletes finished in the top 3 on kickoffs for the class of 2015.

College transfer Michael Cloutier connected on 9 out of 10 field goals during the charting period of camp. Patrick Fordham and Eric Voss represented the class of 2014 from the state of California while Voss connecte on all 10 field goals and Fordham hitting 9.

Also from the state of California was Zac Sullivan in the class of 2014. He showed great range off the ground striking field goals and put together a solid all-around day in both kicking and punting. Sullivan had a great day of punting as well.

Arizona punter Simon Laryea in the class of 2014 topped the charts in punting on the day recording a couple of punts with over 4.9 seconds in hangtime. His overall athletiscism compliments his ability to punt the football.

Snapper Turner Barnard wins snapping competition in California.Ed Stuart from Australia did a great job punting the football. Stuart showed great hangtime and distance while winning the camp-wide punt competition.

Snapper Nick Maxey posted the most points on target for snappers during the charting phase of camp capturing 20 out of 45 points. Perhaps the most impressive snapping performance at camp was 2016 snapper Turner Bernard. Turner won the snapping competition in front of camp and posted the second best average snap time during the charting phase of camp.  Turner is a solid snapping prospect in his recruiting class.