(VIDEO) 2013 Western Spring Showcase Recap


The 2013 National Spring Showcase Tour for Kohl's Kicking Camps kicked off on the sunny coast of California.  Kickers, punters and long snappers from the region attended the event for the chance to get nationally ranked and rated.  Athletes were given the chance to separate themselves from the pack through a charting session, an evaluation drill period and camp-wide competition.

One athlete in the class of 2014 who separated himself from the pack was John Baron.  The former soccer player proved himself as a kickoff specialist and may be among one of the best in the nation when it comes to teeing up at the high school John Baron, field goal and kickoff specialistlevel. Baron recorded an 80-yard 4.3 second hang time during the charting period of camp.  John excelled in the field goal portion of camp also, and should prove to be the full-package at the next level.

John Baron (pictured right) booted an 80-yard kickoff with a 4.3 second hang time.

Junior College punter Alex Boy looks the part of an elite athlete.  He also has the abilities to back it up.  Boy showed the strongest leg at the Western Showcase Camp, and was able to consistently hit spirals while putting up an astounding 52-yard average during his charting session.  When tested into the wind, his consistency only continued.  Boy is a sure-fire, division 1 prospect who will should do extremely well with transferring up to a higher division of college football.

Jake Bailey, in the class of 2015, had one of the strongest legs at the kicking combine.  His field goal performance showed a smooth rhythm to the ball with a crisp contact connecting on 7 of 10 field goals in charting.  His kickoff average came in second to Baron, averaging just under 70-yards a kick.  Bailey's future should be fun to follow as he improves even more over the next few years.Alex Boy, Junior College punter

Alex Boy (pictured left) averaged 52-yards at the showcase camp.

Brandon Hatfield and Eric Williams both performed well during the camp-wide com