(VIDEO) 2013 Texas Winter Showcase Talent Recap


The Texas Showcase traditionally draws in some of the Winter Showcase Tour’s top talent every year. This year was no different. The biggest surprise of this camp and perhaps the whole tour was the outstanding performances from the class of 2016. The talent pool at this stop on the Showcase Tour gets bigger every year and we're happy to see the young guys step up as well.

The most outstanding performance in Texas was 2016 recruit Logan Tyler. Tyler showed the strongest leg at camp despite only being a sophomore. He capped the kickoff competition with kicks that were over 70-yards in distance and had more than a 4.1 second hang time. Tyler also showcased his leg speed during the field goal drill session. With continued training Tyler should be a highly sought after prospect in the years to come.

Another 2016 standout was Braxton Pickard. Pickard won the camp-wide field goal competition and was a finalist in the punt competition.  Braxton showed tremendous range on field goals and kickoffs.  One of the most intriguing things about Braxton is that he kicked off the ground unlike most of the 2016 prospects.

Texas Football Kicking Camp

2014 punter Colton Hough from the state of Nebraska won the punt contest as well as topped the charts during the charting phase of the event. Hough shows great repeatability along with hang time desired by many college coaches.

Chase McLaughlin in the class of 2014 had an outstanding day kicking field goals. After hitting 8 out of 10 field goals during his charting session he went on to have very solid drill evaluation and competition periods as well.

Alex Webb