(VIDEO) 2013 Texas Spring Showcase Recap


With three showcase camps left in the Kohl's Kicking Spring Showcase season, the Texas Showcase may hold up to being one of the most talent-rich camps on the tour this spring.  Held at Euless Trinity, a traditional Texas high school powerhouse, athletes had a day of head-to-head competition at a great facility.

One name that was consistent throughout the day was Adam Centers.  Centers (pictured below) in the class of 2014, won the kickoff competition, field goal competition, lead in kickoff charting, lead in field goal charting and finished in the top 3 in punt charting. Centers only documented one kickoffAdam Centers excels in kicking, punting and kickoff phases of Texas kicking camp under a 4.0 second hang time, and had a high of 4.16 seconds.  He charted 9 out of 10 field goals as well as finished with the highest average hang time for charted punts. Centers improved dramatically on his field goals off the ground since the staff saw him compete at the Underclassman Challenge in January and is expected to be regarded as a top 5 kicker in the nation when national rankings are released next month. 

Class of 2014 kicker Cameron Gamble from the state of Texas also had an impressive showing.  Gamble made 8 of 10 field goals as well as finished in the top 3 in kickoff charting. Gamble shows a strong ball-striking ability with a continued consistency.

A 2014 prospect Kohl's had yet to see previous to the Texas Showcase was kicker Chase McLaughlin.  In his first showcase camp, McLaughlin connected on 9 of 10 charted field goals and finished in the top 5 in kickoffs. The Texas kicker will continue to develop technically and gain even more traction and earns a national rating.

Cole Hedlund and Mick Ellis both had notable performances at camp.  Ellis shows an extremely smooth, natural ability on kickoffs while finishing as a finalist in the kickoff competition. Hedlund charted 8 of 10 field goals during the charting session and put up a top 5 camp performance while charting kickoffs. Hedlund has a strong high school resume to back up a solid performance at the Texas Showcase.

Trevor Moore and Hunter Morrow also had moments at camp that flashed division 1 scholarship potential.  Both have done well in multiple camps previous to the Texas Showcase.

Austin McGehee wins punting competition at national kicking combineThe punters were led by Sam Fowler, a junior college prospect in Texas, Austin McGehee, a 2014 prep punter from Arkansas, and Cody Mills, a 2014 punter from Mississippi. All three showed the ability to repeat their punting motion, creating consistency throughout the punting portion of camp. McGehee won the camp-wide competition(pictured left), and Fowler lead the charting with Mills coming in second.

Snapper Brandon Locha cashed in on 39 of 45 possible points during the charting phase of camp which was the highest at the Texas Showcase. Locha stands at 6'2, 230 pounds showing a great frame to back up his snapping abilities.

Euless Trojan Inoke Langi showed consistency as he charted the second most points at camp and also advanced to the finals in the camp-wide competition. Langi shows a great football physique as well standing at 6'4, 225 pounds.

The Texas Showcase did not disappoint.  The Kohl's Kicking staff had the chance to evaluate top talent in the region as they went head-to-head in an intense, competitive atmosphere.  Many of the prospects at this camp will be in contention for top level scholarships at the next level of football.  The staff is looking forward to seeing how the final three stops on the Showcase Tour compare to what the Texas region had to offer.

National Kicking, Punting & Long Snapping Combine Event in Texas

Pictured Above: National Lead Coach Luke Radke leads prospects in a camp warm-up


All Photos Courtesy of SideLine Photos

SideLine Photos was onsite at the Texas Showcase taking action shots of many athletes at this camp. They have made all photos available for order on their website.  Check them out here: SideLine Photos Homepage