(VIDEO) 2013 Southern Winter Showcase Talent Recap


Atlanta, Georgia - The Southern Showcase Camp in Atlanta played host to just under 200 athletes from 20 different states. On the second stop of the Kohl's Kicking Camps 2013 Winter Showcase Tour, the cold weather didn't keep top prospects from separating themselves from the group of kickers, punters and snappers that came out to compete for national rankings and Underclassman Challenge Invites.

Notre Dame commit Tyler Newsome was by far the most outstanding performer at camp. Newsome has attended many previous Kohl's Kicking events, and was previously chosen to play in the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl in January of 2014. The Georgia high school kicker dominated the punt charting session and turned heads as usual in all phases of camp. Tyler is a natural built punter who is a good athlete and also showed Notre Dame Commit Punter Tyler Newsomewell during the field goal sessions.

Class of 2015 prospect Daniel LaCamera showed well at camp as well, stepping up during both the field goal and punt drill evaluation period. LaCamera proved his range as a field goal kicker and hit as well as anyone at the camp. He also did well on kickoffs hitting many of his kicks to the back of the endzone.

Senior Nick Vogel from the state of Florida had an oustanding day. Kickoffs proved to be a strong suit while topping the kickoff charts as well winning the camp-wide kickoff competition with a 78-yard kickoff. Vogel hit well during the field goal drill session and would be a nice snag for a school for the 2014 recruiting class.

Kickers Jackson Maples and Landon Scheer in the class of 2014 proved why they're currently ranked in the top 30 in the nation. Both athletes connected on 8 out of 10 field goals, and Scheer tied for first in the camp-wide field goal competition.

John Henry Carey in the class of 2014 performed well in his first evaluation camp with Kohl's Kicking Camps. Carey stepped up in the drill session and had a 9-field goal performance while charting. Carey has a great kickoff ability as well and showed consistency.

From the state of Florida, class of 2014 kicker Paul Schumacher proved himself again as a consistent ball-striker. Schumacher is known for his sound kicking ability but also placed third in the camp charting session as a punter.

National Kicking Competition

Punter Marc Nolan in the class of 2014 is currently being recruited by several different colleges. The punter from Georgia once again displayed his solid fundamentals and technique creating a consistent stroke.

Punter Ivy Wall from the state of Louisiana stuck out during the drill evaluation period.  Wall consistently hit some of the best looking punts all day. The punter displayed quick hand-to-toe times and a consistent drop.

2015 punters Corey Fatony and Stone Wilson both had a great day of punting. Fatony showed off his leg strength and his ability to control the football in the air despite the cold and windy conditions. Wilson was put up big numbers charting punts and was second only behind Notre Dame commit Tyler Newsome. Wilson hit one of the longest punts of the day at 60 yards.

Caleb Berry from the state of South Carolina showed college potential as a punter and kickoff specialist at camp. The class of 2014 punter also charted 6 out of 10 field goals. Berry hit well on stage making it to one of the final rounds of the camp-wide competition.

University of Georgia walk-on commit William Ham had another big showing at a Kohl's Kicking event. Ham connected on 8 out of 10 field goals while charting and consistently hit kickoffs out of the endzone.

Kicker Thomas O'LearyClass of 2014 kicker Thomas O'Leary showed the best field goal height of day. Thomas was striking the ball very well during the drill evaluation period and hit 7 out of 10 field goals while charting. O'Leary has shown much improvement in his ball-striking ability.

Sage Ledbetter and Trace Halpern in the class of 2015 are two prospects that showed great potential. Both displayed leg strength and field goal striking abilities well beyond their age.

A couple of 2014 kickers that also had a good day at camp were Lucas Jose and Jovan Detto. Both athletes showed solid kickoffs and charted 9 out of 10 field goals.

Jim Squatriglia in the class of 2014 had as good of a punt session during the drill work period as anyone in camp. The punter showed consistent punting with the ability to turn the ball over.

Punter Brandon Greene in the class of 2015 stepped up on state in front of the camp and capped the punt competition.

Class of 2014 athletes Casey Wilson and Davis Winkie held down the snapping division at camp. Wilson topped the snapping charts with 39 out of 45 possible points. He showed well with the punters snapping during the drill work period of camp. At 6'6, 265 pounds Davis Winkie has a frame built for football. Winkied displayed oustanding snap speed throughout camp.

Christopher Lutzel proved to be the top snapper at camp in the class of 2015. Lutzel scored 33 points during his charting session and had a solid drill work session. Jack Propst had a great camp for a 2016 athlete. Propst finished second on the charts and did very well in the competition phase of camp. --

Other Notable Class of 2014 Performers: