(VIDEO) 2013 Southern Spring Showcase Recap


In one of the toughest weather conditions on the Kohl's Kicking Spring Showcase Tour, the Southern Showcase was the most talent-rich showcase camp of the season. Despite the rainy conditions, many athletes in attendance proved why they rank among the best in the nation in kicking, punting and long snapping.

The most outstanding performer at the Southern Showcase Camp was 2014 kicker Aaron Medley from the state of Tennessee.  Given the rainy conditions Medley still hit a kickoff 74-yards with a 4.3 second hang time early in the kickoff competition. In the drill evaluation period the recruit kicked a 65-yard field goal off of the ground. With Medley's performance at this camp he jumped from his previous No.2 national ranking to take the No.1 position in the class of 2014 as the best kicker in the nation. Following the Southern Showcase Medley received multiple offers from BCS schools and is currently committed to the University of Tennessee.

2014 kicker William Ham from the state of Georgia showed vast improvements from previous events he's attended.  He's refined his field goal technique to go along with his already strong kickoff leg.  Ham capped the kickoff competition with the biggest kickoff in the competition to end the Showcase Camp and placed third in the kickoff charting period.

Kicker Austin Jones wins the field goal competition at Kohl's Kicking ShowcasefCombo specialist AJ Cole connected on all 10 field goals during the charting phase. Cole won punt charting and finished in the top 4 during the kickoff competition. The 2014 kicker has the ability to be a Division 1 combination specialist who continues to improve as a punter.

Pictured Right: Austin Jones wins the camp-wide field goal competition

2014 kicker Austin Jones had a solid showing at the showcase camp as well.  The Florida kicker won the field goal competition with a 60-yard field goal off of the ground and finished in top 10 in the kickoff charts. Jones has shown tremendous improvements and had an outstanding day kicking field goals. Jones should be a highly recruited kicker as the recruiting year unfolds.

Rafael Gaglianone continued to show why he's a top ranked kicker in the nation.  The 2014 finished in the top 3 in the field goal competition hitting a 57-yard field goal, but showed a range of up to 65-yards out. Gaglianone converted on 90% of his kicks during the charting phase of camp and finished in the top 10 in the kickoff charts. He showed the second biggest leg at the Southern Showcase Camp.

Combo specialist Tyler Newsome had a huge day of both punting and kicking. The 2014 combo not only topped the charts in punting, but topped the field goal charts making all 10 of his kicks that ranged out to 55-yards. Newsome also walked away from the Southern Showcase as the camp-wide punt competition champion. With his big leg and fundamental improvements he should be an attractive prospect in the months to come.

Dalton Young was another notable at the event.  The kicker connected on all 10 field goals and finished in the top 10 of the kickoff charting period.

Nick Vogel from the state of Florida and Bratcher Underwood from Alabama also showed well in the charting period making 10 out of 10 field goals.

Corliss Waitman, a top ranked punter in the nation shows well at kicking combinePunters Matthew Turcotte and Corliss Waitman had great days as well both finishing in the top 5 during the charting phase. Waitman placed second in the camp-wide punting competition having some of the best punts of the day.

Pictured Left: Corliss Waitman shows off some of the best punts at the Southern Showcase

Junior College Transfer Davis Plowman also had a great showing finishing in the top 5 of many different events at the event.

The top snappers at camp were Denton Dowell and Ike Powell.  Both have great frames and capped 41 out of 45 points in the snap charts.  Ike Powell averaged a .7 second long snap time and has retained his spot as the nation's No.1 snapper in the class of 2014.