(VIDEO) 2013 Midwest Winter Showcase Talent Recap


Just before Christmas, the best collection of kickers, punters and snappers in the Midwest competed at the Kohl's Kicking Camps Midwest Winter Showcase Camp. Many of the athletes in attendance have been to previous events but came out to showcase their improvements in the kicking, punting and snapping game.

2014 prospect Luke Otto from Illinois had a great day at the Midwest Showcase.  Otto showed well on kickoffs by winning the camp-wide kickoff competition as well as charting 2nd overall in the charting period. Otto also performed well punting during the drill period. He's a talented prospect that does well in all disciplines.

Georgia kicker Dallas Kepler topped the kickoff charts for the event showing one of the strongest legs at camp. Kepler also showed well punting the football during camp and showed he can handle all three phases of kicking.

Ian Gallaghar in the class of 2014 has a long frame that should translate well to the college level as a kickoff/punting specialist. Gallaghar can add value to all three spots of the kicking game as he showed he can kick field goals off the ground as well.

Class of 2014 kicker Logan McElfresh had the strongest punt showing at camp. The athlete from the state of Minnesota continued to show a strong punting leg hitting the top of the indoor dome. Logan also showed a strong leg on field goals by hitting a 60-yard field goal during the drill phase of camp.

From the state of Iowa, Miguel Recinos in the class of 2014 had the best charting results kicking field goals. Recinos connected on 10 out of 10 field goals and showed well during the drill period as well. The kicker charted a 70-yard kickoff showcasing his leg strength. He also punted well but his strength lies in the kicking game.

Kicker Kenny Rowe in the class of 2014 connected on 9 out of 10 field goals on the day and showed well during the drill work period of camp.

In the class of 2015 Connor Allen showed a smooth consistent ball-striking ability during the drill work period of the showcase. Allen charted 9 out of 10 field goals.

A "sleeper" in the class of 2014 is Billy Greco. Greco would be a great pick-up for a college program that not many know about. Billy won the field goal competition and did an outstanding job in the drill work period of camp. His kickoffs also add to his value as a specialist.

Junior kickers Hunter Sego and Joseph French also did well at the event. Both athletes charted 9 out of 10 field goals and showed well during different portions of the kicking competitions.

Two Wisconsin athletes who punted well in the 2014 class were Austin Wolf and Ben Milzer. Both athletes punted well during the drill work period of camp and finished in the top four at the event in camp charting.

Snapper Ryan Sadkowski in the class of 2014. Sadkowski capped the camp-wide snap competition on stage putting consecutive snaps through the target under pressure. He's a 6-foot 230-pound snapper who showed good velocity and technique allowing him to stay consistent.