(VIDEO) 2013 Midwest Spring Showcase Recap


Chicago lived up to it's "Windy City" nickname for the Kohl's Midwest Showcase Camp.  With the windy conditions, the group of close to a hundred athletes were put to the test and the truely talented athletes rose to the occasion. The Kohl’s Kicking Camp staff was able to accurately evaluate the top talent in the Midwest.

One of the most impressive performances of the Midwest Showcase was kicker Austin Seibert. The Illinois kicker solidified himself as one of the best kickers in the 2015 class. Seibert connected on 8 of 10 field goals and showed his leg strength by booting 5 kickoffs through the uprights during the charting phase of camp.

Junior College transfer Nick Bartolotta also easily stood out at camp dominating all sessions of field goal kicking. The kicker charted 9 out of 10 during field goal charting and was also the last man standing during the field goal competition. BartolottaJunior College Transfer kicker Nick Bartolotta wins field goal competition also showed well during the drill work and evaluation phase of camp.  Kickoffs were no different. He earned himself a standing in the top 5 on the kickoff charts after the morning charting session.

Mick Ellis has been a consistent kickoff specialist this spring.  He had consistent performances at this camp as well as at the Texas Showcase a few weeks ago. Ellis came out on top during the kickoff competition after going through 3 overtimes with fellow class of 2014 kicker Josh Pollack.  At the Midwest Showcase Ellis routinely hit kickoffs over 75 yards with 4 second hang times. His showed well in the field goal portion of camp as well where he showcased his leg strength into the wind during the drill evaluation portion of camp.

One of the most overall refined athletes at camp was Josh Pollack.  Pollack put together outstanding performances for field goals, kickoffs and punting.  He’s a smooth combo specialist that can easily repeat his motion in all facets of the kicking camp. Pollack finished in the top 5 in most categories at camp.

By far the most consistent punter at the showcase was Colin Downing.  Downing won the punt competition hitting one of the best punts of the day in front of the whole camp.  He was also the most impressive performer during the punt drill phase of camp and finished in the top 5 in kickoff charting.

Punter Colin Dowling wins punting competitions at Kohl's Kicking Showcase

Peter Deppe out of Michigan and Colton Hough out of Nebraska were both also outstanding punters in the class of 2014. Both Deppe and Hough consistently hit spirals that turned over in the windy conditions.  Deppe won the charting phase of camp and Hough had an outstanding showing during the afternoon drill work.

John Duvic was one of the most consistent kickers into the wind inside of 50-yards during the drill phase of camp. Duvic has a solid ball-striking ability hitting a clean ball off of the ground. He should gain a few looks this summer as a great kicker in the class of 2014.

Emmit Carpenter, Shane Hynes, Spencer Howell and Kenny Rowe also showed college-level talent as field goal and kickoff specialists.

Snapper Bronson Bruneau wins the Kohl's Snapping CompetitionBronson Bruneau from the state of Minnesota lead the snappers at the Midwest Showcase.  Bruneau advanced to the finals in the snapping competition and ended up taking first place.  Bruneau looks the part of an athlete and has the snap to go with it.  He has an accurate snap and produces a tight spiral. Bruneau averaged .69 seconds a snap during the charting phase of camp and should be highly sought after this summer as a snapper in the class of 2014.

Second place to Bruneau in the competition went to Christopher Ross from the state of Illinois.  Ross topped the charts in the charting phase of camp connecting on the most snaps at the Midwest Showcase Camp.

The talent in the Midwest has developed greatly over the years and in continueing to produce great specialists.  The Kohl's Kicking staff was happy with the


CAMP CHARTING RESULTS: 2013 Midwest Showcase Results