(VIDEO) 2013 Eastern Winter Showcase Talent Recap


Talent from all over the east coast gathered inside a bubble dome to escape the fridged cold and snow to compete for national rankings at the first event of the Kohl's Kicking Camps 2013 Winter Showcase Tour. Seniors and junior college athletes came in hopes of gaining interest from schools with scholarships still on the table for next year. Juniors, sophomores and freshman competed in hopes of gaining an invite to the National Underclassman Challenge, as well as national rankings.

The most outstanding performer at camp was Cody Pickard in the class of 2015. Pickard has already connected on 26 field goals in his high school career. During the event he established himself as a Division 1 kicker with both kickoffs and field goals. The kicker connected on a 55-yard field goal to cap the camp-wide field goal competition in front of a captive audience. He also finished first in the class of 2015 with his final kickoff score.

Senior punter Lee Shrader stepped into the spotlight by dominating the punting game at the Eastern Showcase. Shrader is a talent the Kohl's staff had not yet seen before and proved himself by topping Cody Pickard wins field goal competitionthe punting charts handily by the end of camp as well as winning the punt competition. The newly evaluated talent passes the eye test with a great punting body frame. Shrader showed great hands and a repeatability well above anyone else at camp that makes him a must-look Division 1 talent.


Class of 2014 kickers Avery Echols and Frankie Palmer have both been previously evaluated and boasted large improvements with their showing in the dome. Avery showed a consistant D1-level height above the other competitors. Both Echols and Palmer topped the charts on kickoffs. Palmer also won the camp-wide kickoff competition.

Both in the class of 2014, Taylor Bagley from Nebraska and Tyler Knighton from New Jersey both charted 7 out of 10 field goals during the charting phase of camp. Bagley, mainly a punter, showed very well during the punting drill evaluation period.

Top kicking and punting performers talk with national evaluator Jamie KohlPunter Cory Griffith showed great potential to transform over the next few months. Griffith has a great frame and has the tools to succeed. 2014 punter Sean Culler also showed tremendous potential during the punting portions of camp finishing third overall. Casey Hartzell was the top college transfer at camp in punting as well as kicking.

Class of 2015 athletes John Domit, Justin Rohrwasser, Tyler Gray and Edward Mish were notable kickers who earned Underclassman Challenge invites.

Snapper Matt Keller topped the charts at the Eastern Showcase with a perfect score. Keller also took first in the camp-wide snapping competition on stage in front of all in attendance. The snapper has earned an invite to the Underclassman Challenge and is considerred one of the top snappers in the 2015 class.

Snapper Patrick Eby showed well as well. Eby boasts a great frame at 6'3, 210 pounds and placed second in the finall snapping charts at camp. Both Keller and Eby are snappers to keep an eye out for in the years to come.Coach Kevin Garvoille works with the snappers at a Kohl's National Snapping Camp