(VIDEO) 2013 Eastern Spring Showcase Recap


The Kohl's Kicking Eastern Showcase drew in some of the best talent from the eastern region of the United States. A few talented underclassman made waves at this camp as well, showing a bright future for talent on the east coast.

The top performer at the Eastern Showcase came from the class of 2015.  Justin Yoon showed great leg strength as well as accuracy in field goals as well as kickoffs. The prospect only missed one kick in front of Kohl's coaches during the drill evaluation and competition phases of camp. Yoon won the camp-wide field goal and kickoff competition and is one of the best 2015 kicking prospects in the nation.

Top 2015 kicker prospect Justin Yoon at Kohl's Kicking Camp

Pictured Above: Justin Yoon wins the field goal competition

In the class of 2014, Matt Wright of Pennsylvania proved himself as a top prospect.  Wright has improved off the ground since the National Scholarship Camp last July and won the field goal and kickoff charting phases of camp at the Eastern Showcase Camp.  The Pennsylvania kicking recruit connected on 9 out of 10 field goals during charting and showed well in the drill evaluation period also.

Indiana punting prospect Brock Elmore made the trip out to New Jersey to compete.  Elmore was clearly the most dominant punter at the combine event. The punter won the camp-wide punting competition and topped the charts in the charting portion of camp as well. Elmore is a prospect that's proven himself at many camps in the past and should gain interest as the year goes on.

Billy Kinney from the state of West Virginia had a very solid showing at camp. Kinney made 9 out of 10 field goals while charting at camp and had an outstanding performance in the drill evaluation period also.  Kinney should be a top combo specialist who will continue to develop in the upcoming monthsTop Prospect Kicker Matt Wright at Kohl's Kicking Camps to compete for college scholarships.

Danny Christenson in the class of 2014 also had a great showing while connecting on 8 of 10 field goals and placing in the top 5 during kickoff charting.

Pictured Right: Kicker Matt Wright

Another 2015 prospect was Mike Caggiano.  Caggiano hit 7 of 10 field goals and has a solid kickoff leg as well.  The New Jersey kicker showed a solid ball-strike and potential. It will be fun to see how Caggiano develops over the next year as a field goal kicker.

Nick Null, a kicker in the class of 2016, hung with the upperclassman during the kickoff portion of camp ranking in the top 5 in the charting session.

The snappers were lead by Kevin Fennell, Matt Keller and Corey Lerch. Fennell is a 2013 prospect who had the fastest average snap time at camp averaging .68 seconds.  Fennell topped the charts in the snap charting period at camp. Keller is a 2015 prospect from the state of Pennsylvania who scored 34 out of 45 points at camp. Lerch was a top finisher for the class of 2014 who scored 33 point along with Hayden Grover from New York.

Athletes from the Eastern Showcase represented the East Coast well.  The future underclassman talent looks promising as well.