(VIDEO) 2012 Western Showcase Camp Recap


With some of the best weather on the Winter Showcase Tour, the Kohl's Kicking Camp's Western Showcase proved to have some of the best kicking, punting and snapping talent in the western region. Athletes all had a fair and accurate evaluation process in all phases of camp.

Class of 2013 Top Performers

Nicolai Bornand  and Redford Jones have been to many Kohl's camps over the years and have both proven time and time again that they can compete at the collegiate level. Bornand once again showed his explosiveness through the ball proving to have one of the fastest punting legs in his class. His leg speed also translates to the kickoff game as well.  Jones showed he could handle pressure well duringNicolai Bornand top punting performer at Kohl's Kicking Showcase Camp field goal drill work and the camp-wide competition. He capped the compeition with a 58-yard field goal and hit on 9 of 10 in the charting phase of camp. Jones has also risen in the punting ranks as well.  Kohl's has seen both of these well-rounded athletes develop over the years into Division 1 level athletes who should be competing for jobs at the college level come August.

Pictured Right: Nicolai Bornand punts during the drill phase of camp

The state of California was represented well by Michael Tulchin, Brady Wylie and Dean McBride.  Tulchin showed he can handle all duties as a combo specialists.  He showed well during the charting phase in all areas and showcased his smooth and consistant ability to make good ball contact during drill work. Wylie showed a strong leg during camp with some of the biggest hang times at the Western Showcase Camp. His techincal abilities have greatly improved and will only get better with repetition. McBride is an explosive kicker who kicked off well.  His "A" ball could compete with anyone at the camp.

Snapper Andrew Kenny from Arizona won the overall snapping competition at the Western Showcase Camp and showed well for the senior class. Kenny's showed to have one of best snap consistencies overall at camp.

Class of 2014 Top Performers

Kenny Smart and Zac Sullivan were the top performers in the class of 2014 at the Western Showcase Camp. Smart showed he was comfortable kicking field goals from distances greater than 50 yards, with a smooth and repeatable motion. He gets great height on the ball, and showed well on kickoffs also.  Sullivan has been to camp multiple times in the past and continues to showcase his explosive leg strength. He's matured over the years into a diciplined and focused specialist in the class of 2014.

Kenny Smart top performing kicker at kicking recruiting camp

Pictured Above: Kenny Smart kicks under pressure during the camp-wide competition

Torben Atkinson-Jorgensen capped the kickoff competition while showcasing his raw leg speed. He gets tremendous height off the ground on field goals for his age.  If Atkinson continues to develop and refine his kicking motion, he could prove to be a top college prospect in his class as a senior.

Nate Adams is an underclassman snapper that passes the eye test with flying colors as a college snapper.  He's built well and uses the tools he has to stay consistent and quick with each snap.

CJ Keller snapping top prospect competes at Kohl's Snapping Camps ShowcaseCJ Keller (pictured left) has gotten better over the years with each camp attended. He's increased his velocity and ability to hit the target.  Keller showed one of the best charting performances at camp.

Class of 2015 Top Performers

Chayden Johnston and Zach Mays represented the 2015 class extrememly well. Both kickers were comforable kicking over 50 yards and can hit a clean ball rotation.  The future could be bright for these two kickers as they continue to develop in the coming years.