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The Kohl's Kicking 2012 Texas Showcase Camp by brought over 120 athletes from 15 different states to Dallas, Texas to compete. Talent was obvious at all positions, but the amount of athletes that excelled in field goal kicking topped every location so far in the 2012 Winter Showcase Tour. The class of 2013 was represented well, and many of the 2014 class that was present should receive invites to the Kohl’s Underclassman Challenge in January and are expected to be top finishers at this prestigious event.

2013 Top Performers

Kaare Vedvik has one of the most powerful leg swings in the class of 2013 and proved it at the Texas Showcase Camp. Vedvik showed well on kickoffs and easily won the camp-wide field goal competition with a 57 yard field goal with no block.  Vedvik attended high school in Kansas but currently resides in his home country of Norway.  He’s eligible to sign with a team in 2013. Vedvik is a talented athlete who should end up with a Division 1 team.

Ty Cummings has been an exceptional performer at multiple Kohl’s Kicking Camps over the years and has drawn interest from several Division 1 programs.  Cummings is currently committed to the University of Houston.

Brenton Zuzo had a great day in both kicking and punting. Zuzo’s height and range on field goals were at the Division 1 level during all phases of the showcase camp. He went 10 for 10 in field goal charting at camp and finished 3rd overall in punt charting. Zuzo will have no problem competing for a job at the next level.

Landon Bullock also had a notable performance in the class of 2013. He finished 8 out of 10 on field goals and in the top five on kickoffs.  Bullock showed well in the drill phases of camp also.

Weston Gray, Juan Carranco and Alonzo Acosta are long time Kohl’s Campers and have proven themselves at every camp they’ve attended. At the Texas Showcase, Gray finished well overall in the kicking game with 8 field goals and a top 5 finish in kickoffs.  Carranco showed his overall abilities finishing with 9 field goals and finished in the top 5 in punting. Acosta showed a solid ball strike during all phases of camp.

Tyler Ridlen had a solid day and connected on 10 of 10 field goals at the Texas Showcase Camp.

In the snapping division Lance Tarnutzer and Andrew Bair both represented the class of 2013 and were part of the top four performers at the Texas Showcase Camp.  Both showed consistency and accuracy throughout the day and both appeared in the finals of the snap competition.

Will Fisher is an athlete in the class of 2013 who showed up when the pressure was on.  He stepped up and won the head-to-head snap competition connecting on 2 of 2 snaps.

Another notable snapper in the senior class was Drake Pechous who scored on 12 of 15 long snaps.

2014 Top Performers

Hunter Morrow and Drew Brown are two of the most outstanding performers in the 2014 class overall and will no doubt compete at a very high level in college.  Both prospects showed they are able to repeat their stroke in pressure situations with success. They’ve proven themselves time and time again and should be in contention for some of the most sought after scholarships in the 2014 class.

Top Kicking Prospect Hunter Morrow at Kohl's Kicking Showcase Camp

Native Texas kickers Cameron Gamble and Adam Centers showed extremely well on kickoffs at the camp. Gamble finished in the top 10 in charting and won the camp-wide competition. Centers had a huge day, finishing well above everyone in charting.  His biggest kick included a 76 yard kickoff with a 4.31 second hangtime. He did not hit a kickoff under 4.0 seconds.  On field goals, both Centers and Gamble have great "A" balls when they connect, and will continue to improve their consistency to rise to the Division 1 level in field goal kicking.

Trevor Moore has been to multiple Kohl's Camps over the years and has continued to develop as an athlete. Moore has improved his leg speed and has a very impressive ability on field goals.  He should be an early D1 commit in the 2014 class.

Brock Elmore proved to be the best punting prospect at the Texas Showcase Camp.  He hit multiple punts over 55 yards to win the camp-wide punt competition, and placed first in punt charting. Elmore was consistent with making good contact on the ball.  He showed great hangtime and can perform under pressure.

Josh Pollack and Austin McGehee showed that they can kick and punt at a high level also.

Snapper Chad Lamar at the Kohl's Snapping Camps Texas Showcase EventIn the snapping division Chad Lamar from Mississipi finished first overall in the charting phase of camp.  He looked to be one of the most technically solid snappers at the Texas Showcase Camp. He finished with an average snap time of .75 seconds and was one of the final 5 competitors in the snapping competition to end camp.

The 2nd place finisher among the snappers was Curtis Billen.  He had the camp best of .70 seconds on three of his charted snaps, with an average of .72 seconds. Billen was also a finalist in the snap competition.


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The 2012 Winter Showcase Tour will come to a close this weekend with the Western Showcase in Los Angeles and the Midwest Showcase in Wisconsin.  Check back next week for updates from these Showcase Camp locations.