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With over 170 athletes, the Kohl’s Kicking Southern Showcase was the biggest showcase camp to date, with top talent from 20 different states.  Each year this camp has grown and has become a trademark college evaluation camp in the southeastern region.  This year it boasted a number of college-ready talent. The Southern Showcase may prove to provide the most invites to the coveted Underclassman Challenge in Florida this January out of all of the Showcase Tour stops this year.

Class of 2013 Top Performers

Wayne O’Neal is a punter who has been to many camps in the past and has improved every time he shows up.   As a lefty, he showed the strongest leg at camp finishing first in Punting and is easily a D1 punter. O’Neal is an athlete that someone needs to offer before February.

With a huge day on field goals and kickoffs, Connor Rouleau has moved himself into the D1 scholarship category.  He captured second place overall in kickoffs and made 9 of 10 field goals during charting. He shows a strong, clean ball strike off of the ground and his kickoffs provide not only great range but outstanding hang time also.  He has a repeatable motion that should provide consistency at the next level.

Spencer Smith was a top punter at the Southern Showcase, and even had a solid day of kicking.  He charting results landed him as a top 3 punter while also making 9 of 10 on field goals.  The ball jumps off of Smith’s foot very well.

Field Goal Competition winner Luke Jackson at Kohl's Kicking Southern Showcase
Photo: Luke Jackson wins the field goal competition with a 60-yard kick

Luke Jackson was the best pressure kicker we saw at the Southern Showcase.  With all eyes at camp on him he connected on a 59 and 60-yard field goal to ice the camp-wide field goal competition.  Jackson has a great build with a level head and handles pressure well.

Kicker Kyle O’Connor won the field goal competition at the Underclassman Challenge last January.  He’s proved himself to be a gamer over the years on field goals and has visibly gotten stronger on kickoffs as he finished in the top ten at this event.

With a 48-yard punt average last football season, Jeb Millender proved himself at the Southern Showcase also.  He had an outstanding day of punting in the drill work phase of camp showing a good, solid ball striking ability.  Millender showed he can compete at the D1 level as a punter.

David Petroni caught everyone’s eye with a punt that topped 5.0 seconds during the competition phase of camp.  He has gotten stronger since the summer and showed well in the drill work phase and is someone that could compete at the D1 level.

Trevor Wey proved himself to be a great competitor at the Southern Showcase and has improved his punting. He also showed well during the drill work phase of camp.

In the snapping division, Robert Longwell from Virginia finished third overall and topped the 2013 snappers in attendance.  His average snap time was .72 seconds while he was the only snapper to record a perfect 5 of 5 in his first charted set.

Class of 2014 Top Performers

Punter winner Gary Wunderlich in the punt competition at Kohl's Kicking Camps

Gary Wunderlich (pictured right) hit a 5.0 second hang-time during camp on a punt while taking home the title of punting champ of the camp-wide competition.  His leg strength is apparent as he also won the kickoff charting portion of camp.  His drill work was solid as well on field goals and strikes the ball well in all phases of the kicking game.  Wunderlich is a D1 prospect as both a kicker and punter.

Christian Hagan, from the state of Nebraska, finished second in the camp-wide field goal competition while finishing sixth overall in kickoffs.  Hagan showed tremendous height on field goals.  It should be interesting to see what Hagan can do with his talent during the next year.

Rafael Gaglianone has a strong and powerful leg.  When he connects with the ball he is solid from long range.  Gaglianone made 9 of 10 field goals during charting and finished in the top five in kickoffs.  He looks to be a coordinated and powerful high school athlete.

Tristan Parsley is from the state of Florida.  He was the only kicker at camp to connect on all 10 field goals during the charting phase of camp.  Parsley’s ball striking during the field goal drill work was very consistent.  He also finished in the top three in punt charting. 

Ike Powell is a snapper in the class of 2014 that had an outstanding camp.  He averaged a college level snap time at .71 seconds and put 11 of 15 snaps through the target. Powell also Snap competition winner Zach Wade with Lead Snapping Coach Kevin Garvoilleshowed well in the drill work phase and put himself in the finals of the camp-wide snapping competition. He also connected on all 15 short snaps.

Zach Wade from Georgia has been to multiple camps and has been consistent through all.  He finished 4th overall and 3rd in the 2014 class.  Impressively, Wade connected on two back-to-back snaps to win the snap competition in front of the camp crowd. His average snap time was .71 seconds.



Photo: Zach Wade with Lead Snapping Coach Garvoille after winning the camp snapping competition

ALL CHARTING RESULTS: Southern Showcase Results



The next stop on the Kohl's Kicking Camp Winter Showcase Tour is Dallas, Texas for the Texas Showcase Camp.  The state of Texas has a rich high school football tradition with talent in the special teams area.  Next week, we'll feature top performers from this camp.