(VIDEO) 2012 Midwest Showcase Camp


The Midwest Showcase Camp was the last stop on the Kohl's Kicking Camps 2012 Winter Showcase Tour.  The camp was held indoors at the Chula Vista resort in the Wisconsin Dells.  125 athletes in the region came from 15 different states to compete. There was plenty of top competition to go around in all areas of kicking, punting and snapping.

Class of 2012 Top Performers

No camper had a better all around day than Jake Elliot from the state of Illinois. Elliot charted 80% during the field goal charting session and had a very impressive drill work evaluation session. He captured the attention of everyone at camp in the kickoff competition winning it with a 76-yard kickoff that went through the uprights. Elliot should be one of the top college prospects to come out of the Midwest Showcase Camp in the 2013 class.

Grant Amick, another Illinois product, proved his leg strength once again as he has in the past at multiple camps. Amick came focused and converted on 9 out of 10 kicks in the charting session. His drill session was solid as well as he's been a consistent performer at every camp he's been to.

Greg Ganter had an impressive charting day.  The average distance on his charted punts was over 52 yards. There was only one other camper (Kyle Haan) who charted over 52 yards at the Western Showcase Camp.

Eli Wettstein had a great day of charting field goals. He was one of four athletes that went 9 out of 10 during charting. Wettstein showed some consistency in his ball striking ability during drill work as well.

Nick Krone converted on all 10 field goals during charting. Krone is a legit field goal kicker rated at 4.5-stars with Kohl's Kicking. His kickoff strength needs to improve to become the full package, 5-star kicker.

The snappers representing the class of 2013 were Cody Crater and John Wirtel who are both from Illinois. They both had a solid performance and proved to be college prospects. Crater is a recent commit, while Wirtel is still available.

Brady Kelliher and Josh Jahnke also represented the 2013 class well.  Kelliher is a pure athlete who also plays quarterback at his high school.  He showed solid snaps to the target and has the tools to snap at the next level. Jahnke capped the snap competition in front of the whole camp.  Jahnke is a level-headed, and is a technician who can perform well under pressure.

Class of 2014 Top Performers

Kyle Bambard is an athlete that is a true combination specialist. Bambard proved he's going to be a solid performer at the next level in any area of the kicking game.  He's an explosive athlete that is able to connect with the ball consistently on field goals, punts and kickoffs. He should remain a top college prospect in the class of 2014.

Kyle Haan had the highest punt charting average we've seen at all five Showcase Tour locations this winter putting up 53.78 yards. He's a tall, powerful punter with large punting steps that could be shortened up with training over the next year. Kyle showed he has the tools to play at the next level as well.

The close runner-up in the kickoff competition was Kyle Seychal. Seychal was the only athlete that did not have a kickoff charted under a 4.0 second hang time. His overall average hang time was 4.11 seconds.  His field goals could have been better, but he has the tools and work ethic to become more consistent in the coming year.

Jake Shake hit 9 out of 10 field goals during charting and hit very clean in the drill work evaluations. Shake seems to handle pressure very well.

A punter to watch for in the 2014 class is Ian Gallaghar. He continually hit punts over 45-yards and is very powerful when he can lock in and get up and through the ball.