(VIDEO) 2012 Eastern Showcase Camp Recap


The Kohl’s Kicking Eastern Showcase Camp displayed some of the best kicking, punting and snapping talent the East Coast has to offer.  Conditions were cloudy with shifting winds and patches of rain. Despite the weather, coaches were able to accurately evaluate with combined charting, drill work evaluations and competitions.  The drill work phase proved to be an important factor in finding top performers who could handle themselves well and perform when put into difficult pressure-filled situations.

The talent at this camp was primarily dominant in the kicking position, with the exception of a few punters.  The snappers showed well at this camp also.

Top Performing Kickers:

Ben Rice, kickoff champion at Kohl's Kicking Camp's Eastern ShowcaseBen Rice (pictured right) proved himself in the kickoff competition winning with the biggest kickoff in the final round. He also had a great showing during field goal charting connecting on 8 of 10.

John Colosimo is coming off of an 11 for 16 season on field goals. Today he proved he has what it takes to play at the next level. He looked great kicking off the ground with no tee and showed a college-level field goal range.

Eric Kristensen has attended multiple Kohl’s Kicking Camps over the years.  At this camp he showed improved leg strength and at times a very clean ball-striking ability.

Nathan Andreyko drove the ball well cashing in on 8 of 10 during the charting session. His drive proved to be the key to his performance in the windy conditions.

Ethan Stark showed tremendous potential and has a good athletic frame. The ball explodes off of Stark’s foot but he needs to transition to the ground on field goals to become a big time kicker.

Grant Amick and Jorge Powell both stepped up in the field goal competition. Amick came out on top and also connected on 8 of 10 field goals during the charting session.  Powell’s accuracy at a longer field goal range is what set him apart from most kickers during each phase of the Eastern Showcase Camp.

Grant Amick wins the field goal compeition at Kohl's Kicking Eastern Showcase
Photo: Grant Amick hits a field goal to win the final round of the field goal compeition.

Nick Visco is one of nation’s all-time great PAT kickers at the high school level and plays at a traditional powerhouse in Pennsylvania. In the drill work phase of the showcase Visco showed he could handle himself well under pressure.

Matthew Wright showed college-level height on field goals, but needs to improve his ball rotation in order to maximize his potential as a field goal kicker.

Avery Echols’s mental game was put to the test during the Eastern Showcase. He showed very well after being put into a few pressure-filled situations and hit some of the toughest kicks during camp. Echols proved that he can kick field goals under pressure, and even showed well from 50 yards out when put to the test.

Troy Stivason’s “A” ball may have been the best at camp. He showed great field goal range when making a solid ball strike.

Grant Goldberg is a lefty kicker with a natural hook, but proved to have a great field goal range kicking off the ground.

Nicolas Pritchard and Ben Engle proved to be some of the best class of 2015 athletes at the Eastern Showcase Camp. Both athletes showed well and it will be exciting to see how they develop in their craft during the upcoming years.

Jose Rocha and Wayne Carney represented the class of 2013 well class with a steady performance during the camp.  Carney finished the charting session hitting 7 out of 10 field goals.

Steve Weyler, Nick Boumerhi and Will Mahar all showed flashes of great potential as field goal kickers during the camp. Weyler capped his camp performance off by charting 8 of 10 field goals.

Top Performing Punters:

Steve Weyler showed well in punting as well as field goal kicking. He has good "pop" when he makes good contact with the ball.  He is continuing to improve the repeatability of his motion in both kicking and punting.

D.J. Helkowski was one of the better punters at the Eastern Showcase with great hangtime.  He does however need to improve his ball drop to be a consistant punter at the next level. Helkowski is also a combo guy who connected on 9 of 10 field goals in the 2012 football season.

Top Performing Snappers:

Finishing second overall in charting, Kevin Fennell was a very accurate snapper with great velocity and represented the 2013 class well. His average long snap time was .79 seconds out of 15 snaps. He showed he can deliver an explosive first step off of the line of scrimmage for a spread or shield punt scheme. He’ll need to work on getting quick feet for getting back into a pro-style punt scheme.

Patrick Phibbs wins snapping competition at the Kohl's Kicking Showcase Camp.Patrick Phibbs (pictured right) represented the class of 2015 very well with the best performance of the Eastern Showcase camp.  He not only came out on top during the camp-wide competition, but he solidified his spot as the overall first place finisher at the camp during charting.  His snap velocity should only improve as his body and technique develops.  Phibbs looks to have quick feet and can stay consistent with his snap location while getting back into protection.

Christopher Ross had the best charting performance at the Showcase Camp in the 2014 class.  His biggest strength is the speed at which he can snap the ball.  Ross will need to work on refining his overall technique to increase his on-target consistency.  If he does, he could find himself as a top snapper for the class of 2014. 


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The Southern Showcase Camp in Atlanta, Georgia will be the next stop on the Kohl's Kicking Showcase Camp Tour. The Southern Showcase Camp has continually been a hot bed for talented kickers, punters and snappers. This camp will feature an astounding 150 punters, kickers and snappers from around the southeastern region.