Talent Recap: 2016 Western Spring Showcase


The 2016 Western Spring Showcase kicked off in Los Angeles, California at Fullerton Junior College. It attracted many of the region's top kickers, punters and long snappers who came out to compete for national rankings and evaluations. In the first stop on the 2016 National Spring Showcase Tour, the following athletes seperated themselves from the rest of the athletes in attendance.

The most outstanding overall performer was Ryan Stonehouse, a Class of 2017 punter from the state of California. Stonehouse showed big hang times in his drill work and his charts were very solid throughout the event. He is a consistent punter whose dad and uncle both played at PAC 12 schools.

There were three 2017 kickers that seperated themselves from the pack. Manny Berz, a 2017 kicker from the state of California made 10-of-10 field goals during the charting phase and had an outstanding drill work session on field goals. Kyle Sentowski, a 2017 kicker from the state of Washington made 9-of-10 field goals in the charting portion of camp and showed outstanding abilities to hit long field goals during the evaluation period of the event. Chase McGrath, a 2017 kicker from the state of California won the field goal competition and showed very well during the drill work phase of camp as well.

Three transfer punters ended up charting the best at camp. Brandon Heicklen, a 2015 high school grad from the state of California did an outstanding job both in the drill work phase and the charting phase of camp. Aidan Daily, who has already received multiple Division 1 offers also did a great job as the tall lefty punter hit multiple punts with over 4.8 seconds of hang time. Jonathan Aguilar from Fullerton College won the punt competition and showed well during camp.

The kickoff competition was won by Eric Fellenzer, a 2018 kicker from the state of California. Jake Zimmerman, a 2017 kicker from California, and Matt Ganyard, a transfer kicker from California, also did an outstanding job on kickoffs during the charting phase.

In the long snapping division, Alex Maxey had an outstanding day. He won the overall charting phase of camp and also won the snapping competition. The 2017 snapper from the state of Arizona showed an outstanding ability to control his speed and accuracy.

Seth MacKellar, a 2019 snapper from California also had an outstanding day charting second place, followed by Sam Pepper, a 2017 snapper from the state of Arizona.