Talent Recap: 2016 Texas Spring Showcase


The 2016 Texas Spring Showcase had an outstanding field in attendance. It was one of the more talented regions the staff has seen this spring on the National Showcase Tour. At times there was a heavy crosswind, and a heavy tailwind, but conditions were great to get accurate evaluations to compare across the nation.

Anders Carlson, a 2017 kicker/punter from the state of Colorado showed why he has an SEC offer and many more to come in the future. Carlson averaged close to 82 yards during the kickoff charting phase and had around 4 seconds of hang time on his kickoffs. He made 9-of-10 field goals during the charting phase and did a great job during the drill work phase in both kicking and punting.

Hunter Everett, a 2017 kicker/punter from Oklahoma also had an outstanding day. Everett made 10-of-10 field goals, won the punt competition and the punt charting phase at camp. The big athletic kicker/punter showed why schools should be looking at him during this event.

The Texas Showcase featured, in my opinion, the best long snapper in the country, Adam Bay. The 2017 prospect from the state of Arizona, who already has a Division 1 offer, showed again why he's an outstanding prospect.long snapping competition - Adam Bay

Liam Jones, a strong lefty kicker from the state of Oklohoma also showed well finishing 3rd in kickoffs, and made 9-of-10 field goals during the charting phase. Jones won the field goal competition and showed he belongs with any 2017 kicker in America.

Two other athletes that had outstanding days were 2018 prospects Seth Small, from the state of Texas who did a great job in both kicking and punting, and Blake Pearce, a transfer from the state of Oklahoma.

A couple of other names worth mentioning for outstanding performances at the Texas Showcase were Class of 2017 prospect Jackson Hubbard, who won the kickoff competition, and Cole Yeatts, a 2017 kicker from the state of Texas who went a perfect 10-of-10 in the field goal charting phase of the event.

2017 kicker Grant Goupil from the state of Florida, 2017 kicker Nick Horiates from the state of Texas, 2017 kicker Drew MacKay from the state of Texas, and 2017 kicker Kyle Murdock from the state of Texas all made 9-of-10 field goals during the charting phase which was excelent considering the windy conditions that were present.

 2018 long snappers Justin Mader from the state of Texas and Slater Zellers from the state of Arizona also showed well at camp. Zellers won the camp-wide long snapping competition held at the end of camp, and Mader finished 2nd overall in the charting phase of the event.