Talent Recap: 2016 Eastern Spring Showcase


The 2016 Eastern Spring Showcase had a talented field in attendance. The following athletes were able to distinguish themselves among the field of athletes. This stop on the Kohl's Kicking 2016 National Spring Showcase Tour had the most depth of talent out of most of the previous events on the East Coast.

The top field goal performer was 2017 prospect Blake Haubeil from New York. Haubeil is already committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes, and showed why. He was outstanding, the most dominant kicker in the drill work phase. He made 9-of-10 field goals in the charting phase, which was the best at camp. He was also runner up in the field goal competition. He showed outstanding consistency and field goal range.

Another outstanding performer at camp was punter/kicker Tommy Martin from the state of Virginia. Martin is a 2017 prospect who did a great job by winning the punt charts, and the punt competition. He was also a contender in the kickoff charts and the kickoff competition as well.

Long snapper James Carolan, a 2017 prospect from the state of Arizona, was another outstanding performer. Carolan was the most dominent snapper at camp in the drill work phase and showed outstanding potential.

Kenny Doak, Justin Davidovicz and Jacob Tanguay finis