TALENT RECAP: 2014 Western Spring Showcase


The Western Showcase drew in kickers, punters and snappers from up and down the Pacific Coast. On a perfect day of weather, many 2015 as well as 2016 athletes proved themselves and solidified themselves a spot in the Kohl's Kicking national rankings. The 2016 snapping core was represented very well with some solid performances.

Combo kicker/punter Jake Bailey in the Class of 2015 took the Western Showcase by storm. Bailey completed the camp topping the charts in field goals, kickoffs and placed second in punting. He average hang time on kickoffs was over 4 seconds while he struck the biggest kickoff of the National Showcase Tour with an 84-yard 4.41-second kick. As far as the competition period of camp, Bailey took the top spot in the field goal and punt competitions.

The first punter in the Class of 2016 to earn a 5-star rating was Caleb Lightbourn. The combo specialist proved himself throughout the event and even looks the part of a big-time athlete. Lightbourn also has a strong kickoff leg and hits verysolid field goals off of a block.

Kickers Jake Koehnke and Maliek Miller each connected on 9 out of 10 field goals during the charting session of the showcase and both advanced deep into the competition phase as well, with Miller finishing as runner-up to Jake Bailey.

Jake Perez in the Class of 2016 won the punt charting phase of the event and showed very well in the drill evaluation and comptition stages of camp as a field goal kicker as well.

Pure punter Trent Gilbert is another specialist to keep an eye on. Gilbert is doing very well for being fairly new to punting and is expected to develop very well as time goes on.

The Western Showcase is traditionally one of the most talent camps on the Showcase Tour when it comes to the snapping division. This year the tradition held true once again.

The Class of 2016 represented very well.