Talent Recap: 2014 Texas Spring Showcase


The Kohl's Kicking Texas Showcase has a reputation of being one of the most talented Showcase Camps each year. Many athletes from this camp go on to play big-time college football and this year was no different. Multiple athletes from this event will go on to receive BCS scholarship offers.

Andrew Galitz, already one of the nation's top kickers in the Class of 2015 had an outstanding day. Galitz charted the only 10 out of 10 field goal performance during the charting period. He also finished third overall in kickoff charting and second in punting. Galitz has already received his first big-time offer from Miami and will gain more interest very soon.

Class of 2015 athlete Alex Kinney from Colorado proved to be the best combination specialists at the event. Kinney won the camp-wide kickoff competition and placed third overall in the punting portion of camp. He also showed very good hands during the drill evaluation period. Kinney is ready to do both kicking and punting at the next level of football.

Place Kicking CombineKicker Parker Davidson in the Class of 2015 showed that he can compete with anyone in the nation. Davidson finished the day with 9 out of 10 charted field goals, placing in the top 10 on kickoff charts and showing a high level of repeatability during the drill work phase of the event.

Oklahoma product Quinton Conaway had an outstanding showing. The Class of 2015 kicker easily showed a BCS-level leg strength by finishing at the top of the kickoff charts with multiple 80-plus-yard balls, very close to 4-seconds in hang time. Conaway also charted 9 out of 10 on field goals and showed tremendous field goal height during the drill evaluation period of camp.

Kicker Josh Williams from the state of Texas also showed an outstanding performance at the event charting 9 out of 10 field goals and showing well in the drill work evaluations.

Class of 2015 kicker Harrison Heim showed a tremendous ball-striking ability during the Texas Showcase. Heim had some of the most impressive field goal height at the event. He also showed an explosive, fast leg which helped him finish second in kickoff charting. He also connected on 8 of 10 field goals and showed well punting.

College transfer Chadd Dearen won the punt charting period of camp and showed he can kick field goals, kickoff and punt at a high level. Dearen showed the ability to hit punts high and far.

Punte Greg Cormier in the Class of 2015 showed an ability to focus with all eyes on him. Cormier took the punt competition by storm and showed clean punts that turned over in the final rounds of the competition.

Jeff Riney in the Class of 2015 seperated himself from the crowd by hitting a 65-yard kick to win the field goal competition with a stiff wind at his back. Riney stepped up in front of the whole camp.

Class of 2015 kickers Mason Weissenhofer and Charlie Beall showed very well throughout the day. Beall charted 9 out of 10 field goals, punted and kickoff well while Weissenhofer had an outstanding drill work session hitting some of the best field goals at camp.

Chris Qualls and Ivy Wall, punters in the Class of 2015 both hit well during camp and have shown well in the past as well. They should be highly looked at by schools in the months to come.

Snapping CampFour other athletes that also showed well were Jake Dunn, Blake Boyles, Briley Jalowy and Bryce Crawford.

The two most impressive snappers at the Texas Showcase Camp were Case Hampton, who capped the snapping competition on stage in front of the whole camp and Richard McNitzky from the state of Texas.

Once again the talent at the Texas Showcae Camp did not dissapoint. The talent level from this region continues to be strong and should be one of the most recruited regions for kickers, punters and snappers once again. Check out toward the end of May for updated national rankings and results from this camp.