Southern Talent Recap | 2014 Winter National Showcase Tour


The first stop on the National Showcase Tour didn't dissapoint and there certainly was no shortage of talent in attendance in Atlanta. The 2014 Winter Southern Showcase drew a record number of athletes to Atlanta who came out to compete for national rankings and invitiations to the National Underclassman Challenge.

Class of 2015

Perhaps the best performer of the day was Donald Delahaye from Florida. Donald hit the biggest kickoff of the day that traveled 75 yards with a hang time of 4.4 seconds, and averaged 4.18 seconds of hang time during the kickoff charting round. He made 90% of his field goals and was dominant in punting as well showing he is one of the best combo kicker/punters in the nation. Delahaye is a sure-fire Division 1 prospect who should get looks from college programs in the next few weeks.

Combo specialist Zach Block continually shows improvement as both a kicker and punter with every event he attends. In Atlanta he easily hit 55-yard field goals into the wind during the drill evaluation period. Block also kicked off extremely well, winning the kickoff competition. His charts included an 84-yard kickoff, the farthest charted distance out of anyone at the event. 

Michael Almond was another top combo kicker/punter performer. Almond had a notable season for his high school team in Georgia and also made 8 out of 10 field goals at the showcase. He was a top qualifier in charted kickoffs and finished with an outstanding punt average.

Another senior prospect that showed well was Zach Feddeler. Feddeler has a great frame for a punter and showed a nice ability to be able to turn a ball over consistently and hit hang times over 4.5 seconds.

Punter Brandon Greene from North Carolina has shown an improved leg strength since the last event he’s attended. Greene is a consistent kicker/punter with his greatest strength being his ability to punt the football with a consistent spiral.

The punt competition winner was Colin Brewer. Brewer used his 6’3, 185 pound frame to hit deep, high and consistent punts throughout the day.

Kicker Justin Thompson had an outstanding day of kickoffs. Thompson charted two kickoffs over 72-yards in distance and advanced to the final round of the kickoff competition showing great hang time all day.

Another athlete who did a great job on kickoffs was Mitch Rostowsky. Rostowsky was a top performer kicking the ball off and used his tall frame to his advantage.

Specialists Joey Gogol from Georgia and Nick Gregory from Kentucky showed why they were some of the best ball-strikers in the Class of 2015. Gogol has had outstanding success for his high school team putting up unbelievable numbers and did not disappoint at camp. Gregory charted 9 out of 10 field goals and showed he belongs amongst the best field goal kickers at the Southern Showcase.

Richard Wright from North Carolina also made 9 out of 10 field goals and showed well in the drill work phase of the event. 

Other Notable 2015 Kickers
Jonas Schenderlein
Lamar Burch
Stefan Tesic
Skyler De Groot
Casey Malone 

Junior College

Punter John Mote lead the Junior College division and established himself as the top punter. Mote used his 6’5” frame to his advantage and continually showed he can turn a ball over. He’s an outstanding college prospect and should have a successful college career. 

Ben Deighton was one of the top kickoff charting finishers. He hit footballs consistently around 4 seconds in hang time traveling over 75 yards in distance 

Class of 2016

Kicker Sage Ledbetter did well in the kickoff portion of the event. He is an athlete with a great leg that should continually get better at field goals off the ground in the coming month.

Mitchell Wasson and Tyler Sumpter both did well in the kickoff charting period of the event as well as the drill work phase. Sumpter was also a top finisher in the punt charts.

The state of Tennessee had three outstanding 2016 prospects make 8 out of 10 field goals. Jackson Morris, Crews Holt and Thomas Garrison. All three were competitive in kickoffs as well and should be successful in the future.

Brandon Howard from the state of South Carolina had a good showing at the event on his charting session, with his greatest strength in punting. He was a top overall finisher in the punt charts.

The snapping division was dominated snappers in the Class of 2016. Three of the top 5 snappers were from the state of Tennessee.

Josh Brady, a 6’3” 220-pound had the best overall score at the event with a perfect score of 45 points. Brady was consistently on-target with great velocity behind his snap.

Long snapper Jack Propst also had a great day at camp. Propst put up 39 out of a possible 45 points.

Logan Punch made a total of 37 out of 45 points at camp.

Scott Meyer was the top finisher in the snapping competition in front of the whole camp and made a total of 41 points during the charting phase of camp.

Snapper Trent Brittingham showed enough talent to be worth watching in the years to come.

Class of 2017 Notables
Brent Cimaglia
Joseph Doyle
Cooper Graham