Midwest Talent Recap | 2014 Winter Showcase Tour


As usual, the Kohl's Kicking Camp's Midwest Showcase drew top talent from around the Midwest as well as Canada to compete in Chicago. The group that lead the way was the Class of 2016, but there was also a great showing from the Junior College Division as well as the Class of 2015.

Class of 2015

The Class of 2015 was also well represented at the Midwest Showcase. Kicker/punter Peyton Paddock of Iowa made 8 out of 10 field goals, finished in the top 5 on kickoffs and finished 5th overall in punt charting. Paddock has an explosive leg and is someone to watch for in the coming weeks.

Long snapper Zach Wood at 6'1" 230 pounds lead the way for the snapping division making 43 out of 45 possible points. Woods is a snapper from the state of Ohio who showed surperior velocity and accuracy at the event.

Kicker Nick Dowd from Indiana also showed well in Chicago. Dowd had a score of 104.98 in kickoffs, and as usual, did an outstanding job during the drill work phase of the event.

Wisconsin kicker Leki Prpa connected on 8 out of 10 field goals during the charting phase of camp and averaged 69 yards on his kickoffs.

Brian Bravo from the state of Illinois had a strong performance and showed why he's one of the most highly recruited prospects in the 2015 class.

Kicker/punter Connor Allen from the state of Wisconsin showed an improved leg strength and did well in both kicking and punting throughout the day.

Rounding out the top performers in the Class of 2015 are Nick Cairo from Illinois and Luke Frain from Indiana. Both athletes connected on 90% of field goals and had a consistent performance at the event.

Long snapper Jackson Subbert from Iowa performed well during the event making a total of 37 out of 45 points

Junior College Division

The Junior College Division had many outstanding performances. Dayton Balvanz from Iowa showed very well in the punting phase of the event. Balvanz finished 2nd overall in the punt charts and used his 6-foot 5-inch, 180-pound frame to hit balls consistently hit high spirals that turned over. He laso kicked off and hit field goals at camp but finished the best in his punting.

Kicker Ben Franzen from Illinois consistently drove the football between 70 and 75 yards on kickoffs and mad 7 out of 10 field goals in the charting portion of the event.

Alex Langer showed an extremely powerful leg during the drill evaluation session and in portions of the kickoff charting session in the morning. He did connect on 9 out of 10 charted field goals and consistently hit kickoffs 70 to 75 yards.

Class of 2016

The most outstanding performer at the Midwest Showcase was Tucker McCann, a 2016 kicker punter from the state of Illinois. McCann won the punt competition, made 8 out of 10 field goals and topped the charts in the kickoff charting session.

The best snapper in the Class of 2016 at the Midwest event was Tanner Morgan. Morgan from Iowa who stands at 6'1", 235 pounds. The athlete consistently had snap times in the low .7 to high .6-second range.

Punter Drue Chrisman used his 6-foot 4-inch frame to hit footballs consistently over 50 yards in distance with great hang time, and charted out as the best punter at the event.

Alex Probert from Minnesota had an outstanding day making 9 out of 10 field goals. Probert had many kickoffs in the 4 to 4.1-second range for hang time and showed outstanding leg speed.

Kicker Dante Brown made the trip from Canada. Brown won the camp-wide field goal competition and showed well during the drill evaluation period.

Illinois kicker Jake Higgins and Derek Burgett from Kentucky both showed well in the afternoon. Burgett made 9 out of 10 field goals, finished in the top 10 in kickoffs and also punted very well. Higgins averaged over 70 yards on his kickoffs and showed great leg speed throughout the day.

Jake Reynolds from Missouri and Bailey Meyer from Wisconsin both finished in the top 10 in the punt charts and showed well in other parts of the event.

Class of 2017

Two younger athletes that stood out were Chris Landgreibe from Ohio and Andrew Mevis who made 9 out of 10 field goals and Andrew Mevis from Indiana. Mevis finished in the top 10 as a punter and showed well during other portions of the event.