Kohl's Kicking Announces 2016 High School Season All-American Team


Kohl’s Kicking Camps is proud to release the 2016 Kohl's Kicking High School Season All-American Teams for the 2016 high school football season. The 7th annual all-American teams rely on stats entered by athletes to that are verified throughout the season and rely on game film evaluations. Athletes are only allowed to qualify for one team. It was an incredible year for so many across the country. Congratulations to all athletes named to the 2016 Kohl’s Kicking High School All-American Teams.

2016 High School Season All-American Teams

Class of 2017    
Field Goal Specialists    
1st Team Hayden Ray (AR) 19/22 Long 49
2nd Team Will Harrison (IN) 17/24 Long 53
3rd Team Jake Lane (AL) 22/27 Long 50
HM DJ Opsatnik (PA), Cole Phillips (GA), Dylan Scott (TN), Chris Howard (FL), Ryan Henderson (WA)
Punt Specialist    
1st Team Adam Williams (TN)  48.7 avg (36 punts)
2nd Team Brian Delaney (VA) 44.3 avg (46 punts) 20 inside 20
3rd Team Jake McClure (TN) 47.6 avg (21 punts )
HM Jacob Parks (AZ), Jordan Stout (VA), Evan Finegan (MI), Michael Boyle (WA)
Kickoff Specialist    
1st Team Anders Carlson (CO) 70/79 Touchbacks
2nd Team Peyton Henry (CA) 83/93 Touchbacks
3rd Team Andrew Mevis (IN) 62/68 Touchbacks
HM Charlie Kuhbander (OH), Tyler Gilley (FL), Manny Berz (CA), Brooks Buce (GA), Cooper Graham (NC)
Snapping Specialist    
1st Team Adam Bay (AZ)  
2nd Team Bill Taylor (AL)  
HM James Carolan (AZ), Connor Choate (TX), Grant Glennon (FL)
Class of 2018    
Field Goal Specialists    
1st Team Cole Talley (TX) 18/20 Long 50
2nd Team William Van Pamelen (GA) 18/23 Long 48
HM Josh Gorball (IN), Cameron Dicker (TX), Charles Campbell (TN)
Punt Specialist    
1st Team Cade Pollard (TX) 45 avg (42 punts)
2nd Team Matt Jaeger (MN) 44.5 avg (29 punts)
HM Seth Small (TX), Jason Pierce (GA), George Triplett (WV)
Kickoff Specialist    
1st Team Jake Camarda (GA) 58/68 Touchbacks
2nd Team Barrett Pickering (AL) 66/78 Touchbacks
HM Jake Moody (MI), Steven Martinez (GA), Sterling Stockwell (FL)
Snapping Specialist    
1st Team Slater Zellers (AZ)  
2nd Team Noah Turner (NC)  
HM Treysen Neal (MO), Cade Long (TN), Payne Walker (GA)
Class of 2019    
Field Goal Specialists    
1st Team Caden Davis (TX) 15/20 Long 51 (51/51 PAT)
2nd Team Matt Quinn (AL) 13/15 Long 48
HM Hayden Kilgore (GA), Alex Felkins (TX)
Punt Specialist    
1st Team Ryan Hanson (TX) 42.3 avg (42 punts)
2nd Team Ryan Sanborn (CA) 41.1 avg (48 punts)
HM Jay Bramblett (AL)  
Kickoff Specialist    
1st Team Michael Lantz (GA) 41/55 Touchbacks
2nd Team Aidan Swanson (FL) 54/80 Touchbacks
HM Ivan Mora (GA), Patrick Markwalter (GA)
Snapping Specialist    
1st Team Brady Weeks (MO)  
2nd Team Seth Mackellar (CA)  
HM Blake Beasley (NC), Austin Sullivan (NY), Thomas Reny (OH)
Class of 2020    
Top Performers Bret Money (NM) 6/9 FG's Long 38
  Cole Hussung (OH) 28/65 Touchbacks
  Kenny Sutherlin (OK) 44/85 Touchbacks
  Cameron Guess (PA) 15/26 Touchbacks
  Alex Peitsch (MD)  
  Hunger Chambers (GA)