Eastern Talent Recap - 2014 National Winter Showcase Tour


In the first of five regional stops on the Kohl's National Showcase Tour, the Kohl's staff headed to Pennsylvania where kickers, punters and snappers from all over the East Coast and Midwest took advantage of competing indoors. The turnout for specialists who attended to compete for national rankings was outstanding and should carry over the the last four stops on the Kohl's National Showcase Tour as well.

Class of 2015

 Kicker Cole Baldyga had done well well at previous Kohl's events and showed much improvement. Baldyga's leg strength was his main improved quality. The kicker won both the charting and camp-wide competition for kickoffs.

Combo kicker/punter Chris Wilkinson from the state of Florida mad 9 out of 10 field goals during charting and finished second in the camp field goal competition. Wilkinson also has a nice frame for punting and should continue to improve in that aspect as well with some refinement.

In a record turn out with athletes from New York, Kyle Facibene stood out while finishing second in charting kickoffs and made 8 out of 10 field goals off the ground.

Kicker Matt Ammendola from Pennsylvania converted on 9 out of 10 field goals during charting and turned heads in the drill work evaluation period of the event. Ammendola has the look and feel of a college kicker.Kicking Camp in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A few of the higher-caliber punters in attendance scraped the ceiling indoors, with Jake Metzer included. Metzer set himself apart by winning the camp-wide punt competition and finished at the top of the Class of 2015 in the punt charting portion of the event. He also shows the ability to kickoff if needed, which is a valuable asset to build on for punters at the higher levels of football.

Senior Andrew Zecca from New Jersey also showed an explosive leg during the punt competition placing second. Zecca showed great hands on stage in front of the camp and also finished third during the morning charting session.

Punter Cory Griffith from Ohio shows a great frame for a punter and showed an ability to hit consistent spirals. He finished fourth in the chart session and should draw interest leading up to signing day.

Bryan Kristan, also from Ohio did a great job converting on 8 out of 10 field goals.

The Eastern Showcase also had some great long snappers in attendance starting with Logan See. See established himself and improved from previous events. See stepped up and won the camp-wide competition in front of everyone in attendance and also finished out the event on top in the snapping charts.

Long snapping college expsoureLong Snapper Patrick Phibbs shows continued improvement from event to event and had a great day in Pittsburgh as well. Phibbs is a nice prospect looking to find a home in the Class of 2015.

Class of 2016

The Class of 2016 was represented well starting with kicker/punter Evan Staley. Staley impressed in all three disciplines. He's someone to watch for in the coming years and earned an invite to the Underclassman Challenge.

Aaron Boumerhi from Pennsylvania was outstanding during the punting, field goal and kickoff phases of camps. Boumerhi shows great power that should help him show well in Florida at the Underclassman Challenge.

Punter Will Hart from Ohio lead the way during the punt charting phase of camp placing first in hang time and distance. Hart showed very well for an underclassman competing at the showcase.

Both field goal kickers Sam Tuckerman and Randy Alay showed great promise at camp performing well. Kohl's looks forward to seeing these guys in the future as well as they both have a high talent ceiling.

Long snapper Cory Armstrong from Ohio snapped well and showed a strong performance also. Armstrong showed good rotation and overall speed to his snaps consistently throughout the day. 

Class of 2017

Two athletes in the Class of 2017 proved they could step up and compete with the older crowd. Kicker Blake Haubeil stepped up and won the camp-wide competition ousting the seniors in attendance. Haubeil has some technical refining to do to become a consistant prospect, but should continue to develop into a great prospect.

Jacob Tanguay from Ontario is another Class of 2017 prospect to look for in the coming years. Tanguay performed well during the drill evaluation session of camp and should continue to improve.


Kohl's Kicking has four mores stops on the National Showcase Tour and is looking forward to seeing more talent than ever before. Stay tuned for talent recaps from the Kohl's National Events in Atlanta, Chicago, LA and Dallas!

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