Coaches React, and Adjust for Kickoff Rule Change


Kevin Seifert of ESPN's NFL Nation published an in-depth article on how NFL coaches and kickers will handle the newest kickoff rule change, and addressed changes suggested by NFL coaches

The rule, which brings touchbacks out to the 25-yard-line instead of the 20-yard-line, is meant to encourage returners to take a knee instead of bringing the ball out of the endzone. Kickoff teams, however, have been working on adjusting their kickoff strategy to kicking high pop-fly kicks with more hang-time, and keeping kicks out of the endzone.

Many in the game do not think the rule will stick, but still want to help in eliminating injury without eliminating kickoffs altogether. The play can serve as a game-changing play, and plays a major part in the important battle for field postition.

Some coaches have even suggested enforcing certain formations to make the kickoff safer. The following video explains one of the formations suggested, which is aimed at reducing high-speed collisions between players blocking for their returner, making it more like a punt formation.

You can read Seifert's full article here: Coaches push back on NFL kickoff rule changes