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(VIDEO) High School Long Snapper Clocks Snap at 41-MPH

At the Kohl's 2015 National Scholarship Camp, current No.1 ranked long snapper Turner Bernard showed up during the Speed Gun Competition, slinging a football at 41 miles-per-hour. The speed matches that of Joe Cardona, NFL long snapper recently drafted to Bill Belichick's Patriots.

(VIDEO) 49ers Bradley Pinion Kickoff Training With Jamie Kohl

Former Clemson punter Bradley Pinion receives work with Jamie Kohl of Kohl's Kicking Camps leading up to the NFL Draft. Pinion was chosen in the 5th round by the San Francisco 49ers after declaring early and entering the draft his junior year. Pinion primarily is a punter, but has proven to be a very strong kickoff specialist.

High School Punter Mekhi Arvin Squats 500lbs

Can your high school punter squat 500 pounds? Mekhi Arvin, a 4.5-ranked high school punter by Kohl's Kicking Camps recently put up a 500lb rep in his high school weight room.

80-Yard Field Goal By Texas Kicker Nick Rose

Four years ago in an ESPN article, Kohl's Kicking Camp National Evaluator Jamie Kohl stated a then high school kicker Nick Rose had an "NFL leg". There are big legged kickers, and then there are BIG legged kickers.

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